New Short Film on Malaysian Underground Car Culture

...coming in January. 

Malaysia's underground car culture, with petrol heads showing off their heavily customised rides at late night gatherings, often in clandestine locations, is growing through word of mouth and use of Facebook. You probably may not have noticed the occasional classic car along the highways and by-ways, but they are there, if a recent event at Sunway is anything to go by. 200 cars turned up to strut their stuff, proof that the culture of customisation is alive and kicking in Malaysia.
Malaysia’s real-life high-octane Fast and Furious street scene, in October at Sunway Vape Century.
Underground car culture is all about making modified cars accessible to those with maybe a more modest budget, with Japanese cars being very much at the forefront, although some Malaysian and Continental cars can also be seen on the streets of KL.

Now, though, an ambitious project could make the scene even more popular with the release of a short film about this somewhat nocturnal fraternity that is set to be released in January of next year. The film by William Chin and Blacklist Lifestyle is expected to be a 40-minute extravaganza in full HD, with the lofty intention of explaining the Malaysian underground car scene and, we guess, bringing the culture to a wider audience so they may also become involved in the twilight world it inhabits.

Take the time to watch the trailer and we will keep you posted when the full film is ready for viewing:


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