Trucks That Make People Look Tiny

The biggest trucks in the world form part of the “Ultra-Class”; they are not on-road vehicles - they’re simply too huge - but strictly used...

The biggest trucks in the world form part of the “Ultra-Class”; they are not on-road vehicles - they’re simply too huge - but strictly used for mining and heavy dirt-hauling work. These titans can use up to a gallon of fuel every 30 seconds. Only between 50 and 75 Ultra-Class trucks, with a payload capacity of 300 tons or more, are sold around the world each year. Here are the five biggest trucks in the world: 

 Komatsu 960E

Operating Weight: 1,270,000 lbs 
Payload Capacity: 360 tons 
The Komatsu 960E succeeded the 930E, the best-selling haul truck in the world with nearly 1,000 sales to date. The larger 960E has a diesel-electric powertrain which churns out a combined 3,500hp. Komatsu Limited is a Japanese MNC that manufactures equipment for all sorts of heavy industry applications. The company makes the 960E in Illinois under Komatsu America Corp.

Bucyrus MT 6300AC

Operating Weight: 1,330,000 lbs 
Payload Capacity: 399 tons 
Previously called the Terex Unit Rig Mt 6300 AC, this truck has been in production since 2008. Its diesel-electric powertrain has a 3,750hp capacity, and pushes this giant to a top speed of 40mph. When filled to the brim, it can carry 1,300 gallons of fuel. You can find one mostly in North American mining operations and a few in commission elsewhere.

Caterpillar 797F

Operating Weight: 1,375,000 lbs 
Payload Capacity: 400 tons 
The Caterpillar brand is known for making heavy equipment, and this is the biggest truck in its range. This mammoth costs US$5 to 6 million each, and a single replacement tyre will set you back at least US$35,000. Unlike the other trucks on this list, the 797F gets power exclusively from a diesel engine, which generates up to 3,370hp. Caterpillar is the only Ultra Class truck manufacturer to offer models with diesel-only powertrains. 

Liebherr T 282 B

Operating Weight: 1,316,000 lbs 
Payload Capacity: 400 tons 
For a decade this 3,650hp truck held the title as world’s largest. It has two electric motors hooked up to a diesel engine. Manufactured by the German Liebherr Group, the company also coincidentally produces the biggest mobile crane the world has seen. Assembled in the US of A, the 282B is primarily used to haul huge loads of copper, iron, coal and gold in mines across the USA, Chile, South Africa, Indonesia, and Australia.

BelAZ 75710 

Operating Weight: 1,784,000 lbs 
Payload Capacity: 450 tons 
This here is a haul truck with the highest payload capacity in existence. Claiming the top spot as the world’s largest truck in 2013, this truck is made in the former Soviet Socialist Republic of Belarus. Some unusual design features come with it, such as AWD and four-wheel steering. A pair of diesel engines combine with an electric motor to produce a whopping combined output of 4,600hp. Since its introduction, however, there has been criticism about the 75710’s operating efficiency, due to its dual tires and very heavy weight even without cargo. Still, that’s one impressively enormous dumptruck.


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