Land Rover offers the Most Luxurious Road Trip

Would you pay £100,000 to go on the 'the most luxurious road trip on Earth'? Land Rover has partnered with luxury travel agen...

Would you pay £100,000 to go on the 'the most luxurious road trip on Earth'? Land Rover has partnered with luxury travel agency, Abercrombie & Kent, to offer a memorable trip across five continents and eight countries, undertaken inside a top-of-the-range Range Rover, of course, ie. the SVAutobiography, .

For 21 days, travellers would enjoy some of the most amazing driving routes – both on regular roads and off the beaten path – that the world has to offer. The itinerary includes off-road locations accessible only by SUVs. But this is not a trip in which you have to get dirty and pitch tents – at the end of each day, you would climb into beds in some of the most luxurious (read: costliest) hotels in exclusive locations – Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot, amongst others.

Mark Cameron, Land Rover’s Marketing Executive, said, "From Europe to Australia, this trip is all about the epitome of luxury but done so in a Land Rover way - the unexpected, the off-the-beaten-track and the once-in-a-lifetime experiences. This itinerary represents the definitive drive adventure, achieved in the definitive vehicle."

The £100,000 price tag per person is based on a two-traveler package, and will bring you first on a meandering journey through the mountain of Monaco, along the gorgeous coastal highway to Portofino and then on to beautiful views of the Italian lakes. Along the way, you could learn how to make your own fragrance in the hills of Provence, enjoy a private cruise on Lake Como or be swept off (a helicopter takes over the SUV for this) to the top of a glacier in the Alps.

After that, you will fly off to the United States of Americaland, where you will drive through Arizona, Utah and Nevada (Las Vegas), before moving on to Chile to experience one of the driest place on the planet, the Atacama Desert. The excursions in this area include a visit to the Alamo Observatory which houses a £1 billion telescope that can see all the way to the “beginning of time”.

From there, a red eye flight will bring you Down Under to Sydney, where you will luxuriate in the Park Hyatt, enjoy a VIP bridge climb and go behind-the-scenes at the Opera House. Then, it’s on to Tasmania for the last leg of the journey.

After the once-in-a-lifetime experience, you will return to London where the trip began. The itinerary is fully customisable, according to the traveller’s preference.

So, a little bit about the SUV in which you would spend all those glorious days in. The SVAutobiography is as expensive as it looks. The ‘SV’ is derived from Jaguar Land Rover’s Special Vehicles Operations division, and Autobiography has traditionally been the marque’s most posh offering. Combine the two, and you get a car that starts from £140,000 for a long-wheelbase supercharged V8 capable of 542bhp. The powerful powerplant hurls the SVA from zero to sixty in 5.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 150mph. The eight-speed automatic gearbox comes standard. 

The interior is truly the epitome of luxury on wheels. Seats are upholstered in Semi-Aniline leathers sourced from a specific tannery, but never mind that - they are MASSAGE SEATS, which recline up to 17 degrees with a calf rest. After a full day of gamboling about, we’d imagine it would be HEAVEN to be chauffeured back in the SVA. 

Simon Lynch of Abercrombie & Kent said, "A&K are delighted to be partnering with Land Rover on offering this, the most ultimate of driving journeys. Our love of adventure, combined with exploration and luxury for over 50 years, gave us the inspiration for this expedition, which is packed full of unforgettable experiences. Our pioneering customers will explore landscapes, see wildlife and meet communities well and truly off the beaten track."

So if you have saved up (a lot) for your next holiday, head to one of A&K’s offices in London, Abu Dhabi or Monaco to enquire.


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