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If only there is an easier (and safer!) way for women to put on their makeup in the car. Guest writer, SUE, is a dreamer and futuri...

If only there is an easier (and safer!) way for women to put on their makeup in the car.
Guest writer, SUE, is a dreamer and futurist when it comes to automotive design for girls!

I’ve just returned from a long holiday and spent some awesome time with my best buds. We were on our way to Malacca from good ol’ Kuala Lumpur when one of my friends decided that the top she was wearing didn’t match her brand new wedges. And guess what her request was - that we stop at the first R&R (rest stop) just to get to her luggage from the car boot, to find another blouse. This started a discussion about what we wished we had in our cars to make our lives way easier.

Here is a part of that wishful thinking list:

Drop down, adjustable mirror
How incredible would it be if a drop down mirror pops out from the rear view mirror at just a push of a button, and adjustable to face either the driver or the front passenger? Both persons can check their appearances and the mirror would not get in the way of the driver’s view. No more trying to adjust the teeny weeny rear view mirror or worse, the side view mirror, to fix our face and hair.

Mini tyre-changer robot
Okay, so maybe I’ve gone too far with this but why not? Yes, I’ve written about why we should learn to change a tyre on our own, but on the other hand, getting down on our knees, getting our hands dirty, messing up our hair and, not to mention, sweating in our new dress? Really?! Why can't we have a mini robot stored in a special compartment just for this purpose? You know, like the small vacuum cleaner we have stashed at a corner somewhere at home.

In-built shoe compartment
Let’s be honest here. Women can’t avoid having more than 5 pairs of shoes, something for every occasion, in our cars and we keep them in their boxes so as not to ruin them. This leaves very little space to put other things in the car, especially when we need to travel. We will then have to rearrange the things in our car boot by taking out some of the shoes we think we don’t need (but turns out, we do when the time comes) just to make some space for luggage but leaves us freaking out because we don’t have our much needed red wedges. Why not incorporate a ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ shoe compartment for us girls, tucked away yet appearing automatically only when we want to select our footwear?
Musical horns
I absolutely adore music and would love to have some of my favourite bands as my choice of honking sound rather than the boring, *peeeeet!* we now have. To have Maroon 5, One Direction, Metallica and others would make driving and honking the horn absolutely fun.

Smoker-friendly car
Attention all smokers! How often do you have to empty your cars’ small ashtrays? I do it on a daily basis, sometimes twice a day if my friends ride with me. A civilised driver (and passenger) will not throw cigarette butts out the window; I just hate that, but I have no choice if the ashtray is full. What if rubbish, ie. ashes and cigarette butts, could be used for fuelling the engine via the combustion chamber, you know, like the futuristic car in ‘Back to the Future’ with Michael J Fox?

Magically (or rather gadget-cally) change the exterior colour
Thinking of changing your car colour temporarily to match your dress, bag or shoes for the day? Just press a button and hey presto! Your car has now changed to the colour you want. Having the options of, say, 10 colours (not to be greedy) would do for now. Watching too many Hollywood movies does this to you *grin*.

Self-Parking Function
I first saw a new Ford model that can parallel park itself on one of the episodes of Amazing Race, Season 26, last year (yeah, I know my shows) but why stop there? I mean, it’s great that there is a car that can parallel park on its own, but why not extend that to all sorts of parking methods. Beats scratching the neighbours car, huh?

The list goes on and on but I’ll stop at that for now. Ridiculous it may be, but since the present day automobile gadgets have gone futuristic, why not have the brilliant car engineers realise my ideas for the near future? We would absolutely LOVE you (the car engineers) if you would.



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  2. I am also a girl and this list is also my practical demands when buying a car. I think that we shouldn't call it the wishful thinking list. All of them are very essential with most of drivers, right?, Automology.




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