The 8 Million Dollar Car

If you had USD 8 million to spare, would you splurge it on a car? That’s the not-so-humble pricetag of the titleholder of ‘the most exp...

If you had USD 8 million to spare, would you splurge it on a car? That’s the not-so-humble pricetag of the titleholder of ‘the most expensive car in the world’ since 2005. The Mayback Exelero cruises on a V12 biturbo engine that can achieve an enviable 700 hp at 5000 rpm, and can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. There is only one Exelero ever produced, which not only makes it expensive, but also exceedingly unique.

Fork out 8 million US dollars
and the Maybach Exelero is yours
The creation of the Mayback Exelero was actually commissioned by tyre manufacturer, Fulda Reifenwerke, to showcase their new line of wide tyres. It has long been a Fulda culture to commission special machines to go with every new generation of tyres, like a mechanical ambassador of sorts. So, when it came time to build a new ambassador for the Fulda Carat Exelero tyres, it was perchance that research for the company’s 100th anniversary was underway and they came across drawings and photos of a Maybach SW 38 from 1938. The classic sportscar had also been commissioned by Fulda back then, which Maybach obliged with a streamlined chassis for high-speed tyre testing. This was set against a time when vehicle manufacturing and road network development were on the rise. The Autobahn road had largely been completed, which sanctioned traveling at very high speeds for long distances. Tyre manufacturers, Fulda included, had to take into consideration the new demand for high-performance, reliable and durable products. 
The Exelero's predecessor, the SW 38 

The objective of the test car was to break the ‘sound barrier’ of 200km/h, a feat during those times. Cutting edge aerodynamics research and application were the keys to achieving that, and the Maybach SW 38 sported the lines that were the beginnings of sleeker designs to come. It had a 6V engine that could produce 140 hp, something to boast about during that era, and as awe-inspiring as its successor which would be built decades later. 

Thus, in the early 2000s, with the Carat Exelero tyre needing a partner, the close working relations with Maybach and the discovery of the past joint venture, the deal was sealed and Mayback Exelero was born. Initial tests showed that it could achieve a sensational speed of 351.45 km/h. 

After its stint as ambassador was completed, the car continued to enjoy fame when it was loaned to the rapper, Jay-Z, to star in the music video ‘Lost One’. The music video was talked about more with regards to the Maybach rather than the music. In 2011, another rapper, Birdman, expressed interest in buying it, citing “I gotta have it.” The then owner, European entrepreneur Arnaud Massartic was all set to sell it to him for USD8 million.

However, to date, some money troubles have impeded the completion of the transaction, so the most expensive (and most desired!) car in the world remains on the market for anyone who has the money to spare.

As for its predecessor, the SW 38, soon after its delivery, the world was plunged into World War II and the car disappeared. Its whereabouts remains a mystery.


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