Ferrari Formula One Driver Earns USD30 Million, Not Enough?

How much is ‘enough’? Is USD30 million earning for the year 2012 for Ferrari Formula One Driver, Fernando Alonzo, not enough? Converted...

How much is ‘enough’? Is USD30 million earning for the year 2012 for Ferrari Formula One Driver, Fernando Alonzo, not enough? Converted to Philippine Peso, that would make Alonzo a Peso-billionaire. He would have enough to become a Philippine senator. 

Whilst motorsports drivers’ income from both salaries and endorsements are getting higher every year, it still pales when compared to the income of other athletes (based on Forbes 2012 List). Tiger Woods earned USD78.1 million, Roger Federer USD71 million, Kobe Bryant USD61.9 million and Manny Pacquiao USD34 million. No wonder Pacquiao is an unopposed 2-term Philippine Congressman and his wife, Vice-Governor in the southern part of the Philippines. 

Fernando Alonzo, the poor among the rich

The top 10 highest earners among the motorsports drivers, according to Forbes, are:

1. Fernando Alonzo, Ferrari Formula One

  • USD30 million: USD28 million salary & USD2 million endorsements

2. Lewis Hamilton,Mercedes Formula One

  • USD27.5 million: USD26 million salary & USD1.5 million endorsements

3. Dale Earnhardt Jr, Hendrick Motorsports, Nascar

  • USD26 million: USD13 million salary & USD13 million endorsements

4. Jimmie Johnson, Hendrick Motorsports, Nascar

  • USD24 million: USD17.3 million salary & USD6.7 million endorsements

5. Valentino Rossi, Yamaha Motor, Motor GP

  • USD22 million: USD12 million salary & USD 10 million endorsements

6. Tony Stewart, Steward-Haas Racing, Nascar

  • USD18.5 million: USD12.5 million salary & USD6 million endorsements

7. Jeff Gordon, Hendrick Motorsports, Nascar

  • USD 18.2 Million: USD12.7 million salary & USD5.5 million endorsements

8. Sebastian Vettel, Red Bull Formula One

  • USD18 Million: USD17 million salary & USD1 million endorsements

9. Danica Patrick, Daytona 500

  • USD15 Million: USD6 million salary & USD9 million endorsements

10. Jenson Button, McLaren Formula One

  • USD14 million salary & no endorsements

These incomes, whilst not high enough, still motivate people who have made the racing cockpit their offices. 



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