17yo kills deer on driving test…and still gets a pass

For most youngsters, a driving test is up there amongst the most stressful days of their short lives so far. Just imagine the plight of young Tom Lo, a 17-year-old school student from Colchester, UK, who managed to kill a deer on his way around the test route, and yet still managed to pass the test on his first attempt.

According to reports, Tom was driving along a country lane near the village of Fingrinhoe (try saying that after a few beers) about halfway through the test when the deer darted across the road in front of him. He slammed on the brakes, apparently in a perfect emergency braking manoeuvre, but still hit the deer which was killed instantly.

Tom told reporters that “the deer suddenly appeared in front of me. I was too close and although I applied the brakes, I hit it and killed it anyway. I had so many things going on in my head such as have I failed my test and has the deer died?”

The examiner must have had nerves of steel as well; apparently he told Tom to pull over, and he then checked the vehicle for damage, after which he allowed Tom to finish the test. Tom’s instructor, Robert Jezierski, said that normally, when one of his students gets back, he gets a smile or a thumbs up, but Tom just sat there, obviously upset. “But full credit to him to have had an accident yet still passed the test.”

Apparently there was an awesome venison BBQ at the test centre that evening (not really, just made that bit up).

Tom Lo with his driving certificate.
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