12 Weirdest Things Drive-Thru Workers Have Seen

For the most part, we can get away with doing stuff in our cars that we never want anyone else to ever find out. But Drive-Thru Workers have seen some of the weirdest things drive past their windows. Here are 12 of the weirdest that we extracted from Reddit:


I worked at McDonalds when I was 15-16 and a guy came through and ordered just an orange juice, the guy in the seat next to him had a nail from a nail gun through his hand and was shaking. The guy said the orange juice was to stop the guy from going into shock. –notreallyacanadian



Guy rolls through on the phone, “What if a nigga brings a knife and we gotta fight our way out? Or a cop shows up with a gun?!” I didn’t ask if he wanted sauce, but I did tossed a plastic knife in his bag. –jpbikes



Guy who ordered a single meal was driving while a couple in the back seat were obviously having sex under a blanket. We figured it might have been some sort of dare. –Aldeberon


A friend of mine worked at an ice cream place. The woman ordered 5 ice cream cones. When she pulled around she saw that the woman had 4 dolls buckled into the back seat. –crogers2009


We used to have a guy who would order every so often and when he drove up he wasn’t ever wearing pants or underwear just had a tiny wash cloth over his junk. We also had people ride through on horses. –luckynumberlemon


I work at an Arby’s in Indiana. About a year ago a woman came through with a pet monkey in a diaper on a leash. She handed me her money, acted like everything was normal. When I went to hand her the change the monkey jumped in the window took the change and hopped back. –biehchri2417


Saw a dude getting a blowjob when he rolled up. I handed him his McFlurry, girl popped her head up, ate a spoon full and went back down. Dude gave me a head nod with a wink and drove off…. –NaturesWanderer


I worked at Arby’s in highschool and saw countless dicks perverts would have out for display. I’d smile, take their money then ask “Surely you’re not proud of that?” Then they’d drive off without their food or money. I’d delete the transaction and pocket the cash. –salinger007


A few years ago I was out with a friend and we had picked up 30 goldfish, 500 playpit balls, and 50 pounds of colored sand for a prank to a friend’s room. We had the balls and sand filling up the back seat and I was carrying the fish on my lap. We went through the drive-thru and immediately went back through it again to pick up some extra food for our roommate. The look we got from the worker was incredible as he told us “wherever you’re about to go, I wish I could come with you”. –haribo_gold_bears



13-ish year old girl flashed me (legs spread, skirt and no panties) from a back seat. Her dad was driving. It was years ago and i was 18. Yeah… –RedBeeter


I worked at Wendy’s in highschool, and a regular would take his wife for dinner every once in a while. Also his wife was dead and in an urn buckled into the passengers seat….. –Dethscythe


I worked at McDonald’s and there is a thing called “coning” which is where you grab the cone by the ice cream take a bite of the cone. It’s stupid now. Anyways this teen rolled up in a pick up truck and I notice he wasn’t wearing a shirt, whatever I worked in a redneck community. so I give him his two cones and he takes them from my hand looks me in the eyes and says ‘thanks’ He then takes the cones shoves them on his nipples and speeds off. I tip my hat to that kid. He’s a revolutionary. –BrandonDring

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