106 McLaren BP-23 Customers Get Unique Sculpture Before Getting Their Cars

Only 106 McLaren customers will get a ‘money-can’t-buy’ sculpture, which gives them a glimpse of the shape that the car will take. The hypercar, codenamed BP-23, and a successor of the legendary F1 three-seat configuration, will use hybrid power and will only be shipped to customers in 2019.

The car will be the ‘fastest ever McLaren’ with a top speed of more than 243 mph (391 km/h). BP-23 stands for “Bespoke Project 2 and 3 seats”.

The sculpture, dubbed “Speed Form”, displays beautifully shaped buttresses flowing rearward from each of the passenger seats, plus a third buttress flowing from the driver’s seat, using the latest five-axis CNC cutting technology.

Weighing 7.9 pounds (3.6 kg) and measuring 15.7 inches long, 8 inches wide and 3.1 inches tall (400 x 205 x 80 mm), it took the carmaker more than 100 hours to build each sculpture, out of which 30 hours alone were dedicated to expert hand-polishing.

It’s a rather beautiful desk ornament, don’t you think so?

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