10 Crazy Driving Laws Around the World. Should I really follow them !?

Automologist Lee is a law-abiding citizen (so he claims), but even he finds some of these road rules a bit hard to follow…

As a driver, we have always been educated to obey the rules of the road. However, in some places, the weird traffic laws make me can’t help but wonder if we should follow them. Here are 10 crazy laws that could really drive you mad!

Have a beer and drive? Why not?

1. Costa Rica – Have a beer while driving? Ok!!

‘Don’t drink and drive’ is common sense for most drivers around the world. But in Costa Rica, you can drink an alcoholic beverage while driving. This is totally legal as long as you don’t get drunk. Such a paradise for alcohol lover, isn’t it?


Long distance drive without food is a torture, isn’t it?

2. Cyprus -Don’t Eat While Driving

Driving long distances can get really boring and some snacks will keep your spirit up. That’s right, but the snacks can also give you an $85 fine in Cyprus, even if it was just a sip of soda!


I’m ok with a dirty car as long as it is not mine one

3. Russia – Keep your car clean

Some of us think that cars are property owned by drivers and we totally have the right to decide if we want to keep it clean or not. Well, the police in Russia doesn’t think so. Driving a dirty car can get you fined up to 2000 rubles.

What could be worse when you run out of gas on the road and get a fine

4. Germany’s Autobahn – Dont Run Out of Gas

No one is glad to run out of gas on the road. If this happens to you on the Autobahn and you have to pull over, you’re breaking the law. It’s illegal to stop unnecessarily on the Autobahn, and running out of fuel is considered unnecessary.

Don’t you think that it is an extra spend to buy an extra pair of glasses?

5. Spain – Always Carry an Extra Pair of Glasses
In Spain, those who require vision-correcting glasses in order to drive must keep a spare pair in their cars at all times. 


daylight headlight zone
Don’t honk at those who use their headlights 24 hours in Sweden

6. Sweden – Use your headlights 24 Hours a Day

No driver will use his/her headlights when it is bright and sunny outside – but not so in Sweden. Drivers in Sweden are legally required to keep them on 24 hours a day. Yes, even in the month of June when, in certain parts of the country, the sun never sets.

Another spend besides extra pair of glasses

7. France – BYOB (Bring Your Own Breathalyzer) 
Drivers are required to carry a breathalyzer kit in their vehicle (or motorcycle) in France to be used when stopped by the police. Those who don’t have one are required to pay a fine of €11, but enforcement has been delayed indefinitely. 


Japanese definitely won’t like driver from Cyprus

8. Japan – Don’t Ride with a Drunk Driver 
In Japan, you’re not only risking your life with a drunk driver, you’re also risking legal trouble — sober passengers in the car with a drunk driver is punishable by law.


Unlucky for bad manners driver

9. Cyprus – Don’t Shake Your Fist at Other Drivers
Yeah, Cyprus again.You’d better keep both hands on the wheel in Cyprus as unnecessarily raising a hand from the steering wheel can get you slapped with a fine. Unlucky for drivers with bad manners or terrible driving skill.

Seriously !?
Seriously !?

10. USA’s Alabama – Don’t Drive Blindfolded 
In Alabama, it’s illegal for people to drive while blindfolded. I wonder if anybody is so eager to prove that they know the route so well that they could get there blindfolded!

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