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How Do You Like Vespa’s First Electric Scooter?

“A contemporary work of art with a technological heart.” – Piaggio Gregory Peck rode it with Audrey Hepburn in the movie Roman Holi...

Get your Justice League Cars at Caltex

The Justice League movie screened yesterday and fans were able to watch their favourite comic book heroes in action. And with Gal Gadot as...

Porsche 919 Hybrid—the Grand Finale in Bahrain

Next Saturday will see an end to one of motorsports’ greatest eras. An era in which Porsche’s 919 Hybrid decimated the competition in FIA’s ...

USA leads World in Oil & Gas Production as China becomes the Biggest Consumer

The International Energy Agency (IAE) has released its annual energy forecast and it looks like there could be some major upheavals as the U...

No Need to Panic, says India’s Environment Minister

In a statement that could have come straight out of a comedy sketch, Dr Harsh Vardhan, the Indian Minister of the Environment, has advised t...

Interlagos Sold, McLaren Mugged at Gunpoint. The End for Brazilian F1?

Lewis Hamilton speeding past the hillside favela. The long-term future of the Brazilian F1 event seems to be in doubt this week, after an...

Selangor State Executive Councillors to get Electric Vehicles

In an article by The Star , it was reported that the Selangor state government plans to have its state executive councillors move around dur...


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