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10 Essential Items For Motorcycle Touring

The month of April will soon be upon us, and it’s the time of many celebrations in Automology's neighbouring country of Thailand, w...

Sensational Lamborghini Urus Launched in Malaysia

One of the most highly anticipated SUVs has just been launched in Malaysia, three months after its global debut. The Lamborghini Urus is ...

Neurosurgeon Crashes his Ferrari F40, Demands Payout of Almost C$1 Million Citing 'Embarrassment'

You would be totally embarrassed if you crashed your car. But would you be embarrassed and then sue a company for being embarrassed? Isn’t t...

Heir of Auto Parts Maker Thai Summit Group Launches New Political Party

The heir to the Thai Summit Group (TSG) has launched a new political party aimed at appealing to a younger group of voters as well as disenf...

Hyundai’s Ioniq and Accent Awarded Editor's Choice Honours by Car and Driver

Hyundai recently has been honoured with not one but two awards by Car and Driver, for the Hybrid and Subcompact categories respectively. The...

Perodua's Myvi Amasses 60,000 Bookings

Sale of the new Myvi, which was launched in November last year, is on a strong rise, with 60,000 bookings to date. The popular hatchback,...

Malaysian Police Considering Noise Pollution Law to Curb Mat Rempit Dilemma

The Mat Rempit dilemma is back again and this time Malaysian authorities are considering the noise pollution law as a means of addressing th...


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