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Shackleton’s Grandson drives a Hyundai across the South Pole

Hyundai makes a legendary (and dead) British explorer's dream come true. Automologist MAC tells us how. British school boys of my ...

Story of My Lil' Betsy Cooper

Our Automologist and MINI enthusiast, KEVIN, wanted to wax lyrical about his MINI for a particular reason; so we let him... BMW struck ...

Will Malaysians cycle to their destinations? This startup thinks so

Automologist LING is sceptical yet hopeful that Malaysians will adopt cycling as their last mile solution.  The last time I cycled anyw...

Dashcam Footage: Car Crushed by Trailer in Singapore

Eddy Wong is one lucky guy. He was entering the Tuas tunnel last Wednesday when a trailer (registered in Malaysia) swerved suddenly into ...

How to Drive Safely during one of Malaysia's EPIC Rainfall

We who have grown up in this country might not blink twice at the heavy rain, strong winds, deafening thunders and blinding lightning tha...

The sensible, luxurious and stylish yet cheeky MINI Seven; it’s a special 5-Door indeed

  Automologist KEVIN reviews the limited edition MINI Seven. Sometime in the last two weeks, I headed over to the nearest MINI dealer to...

Automotive Art that will make you go WOW

Art is used to express the artist's emotions and to evoke them from the beholder. Well, this selection of gorgeous automotive art makes ...


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