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無論有多少現有的測試報告已証明X-1R系列產品都是物有所值的,但當公司接觸一個潛在客戶時,還是被要求測試其系列產品的功效。事實上,X-1R供應其產品給美國太空總署 (NASA) 已超過22年,同時在世界各地擁有龐大的消費群,但對於新的潛在客戶而言,他們希望了解X-1R系列產...

What Would The Streets of Manila Look Like Without Jeepneys?

Automologist HAROLD's wish to phase out all jeepneys in the Philippines came true...just for awhile.  Any motorist in Manila stuck in...

It's All Over, Red Rover. Sorry, Red Commodore

Today marks the end of an era. The moment finally arrived as the very last car to be manufactured in Australia will roll off the production...

The Unique Manners of Malaysian Drivers

Do you know how AWESOME Malaysian drivers are? Automologist ROS is proud to be one. Malaysia is blessed with her own uniqueness. From food...

Porsche Passport? What's all this about?

Do we now need a Passport for Planet Porsche ('cause the cars it builds are out of this world)? Not quite, but not completely off. Autom...

Daimler Wants to Be a Part of It…Do You?

Can several people share ownership of the same car? Automologist MAC thinks that we are headed that direction.  The sharing economy is ...

Farewell, Garmin; So Long, TomTom

Sat-nav devices are fast becoming redundant and this has made out our Automologist, MAC, just a little bit sentimental. The speed of chang...


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