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Chinese Battery Upstart tries to muscle the Big Sparks

If you read this blog regularly (and there are a few of you), you will have become familiar with ...

Japan's New Luxury Train...coming soon

Many of Japan's older night trains are being phased out but Japan Railways is still looking tow...

Perodua to focus on Aftersales and Used Cars in 2017

Perodua wrapped up 2016 with the largest market share of 35.7%* in its history, a pleasant surpri...

Tesla Launches the Ludicrous Plus Mode to battle the Faraday

Tesla has been making a few minor modifications to the Model S P100D cars over the air waves, mak...

Farewell to the Mitsubishi Lancer

The end of the road is in sight...Automologist MAC bids farewell to an icon.  The small sedan m...

Is the BMW i3 Range Extender the real future of Low Emission Motoring?

Finally there is a mass market electric car that will roundly beat the range anxiety issues that...

Porsche add Five more 911 Variants, Because They Can!

Can you have too many 911's? Automologist MAC doesn't think so.  Porsche aficionados wil...


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