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Who Will Win in a Drag Race? A Supercar or a Modded Ride? Netflix's New Show Intends to Keep Viewers Guessing

The underdog pitted against the greats. A David and Goliath battle of our times in a drag race setup. The question is: who is the David,...

Kaboom! The Sheer Ferocity of Nitromethane-Fuelled Drag Monsters

Drag racing is not for the faint-hearted. Piloting these extreme machines takes extreme courage, and very few people are ready for that c...

This Toyota Prius Runs on Petrol or Sugarcane Extracts

With manufacturers the world over seeking greener alternatives and governments championing better environmental policies, automakers are...

X-1R Philippines & CreativeSparx's Month Raffle Winners - January/February

X-1R and its Philippine Distributor, CreativeSparx, have resumed their monthly raffle draw for 2018. The prizes up for grabs are: Fir...

Perodua Warns Malaysian Public of Scammers Involving Its Vehicles

Scammers are everywhere. Any way that can help make them a quick buck or two, they’re game. In Malaysia, where homegrown Daihatsu-backed car...

Self-driving Uber Taxi Kills Cyclist

The aftermath of Sunday's incident. A lady cyclist has died after being struck by a self-driving Uber taxi in Tempe, Arizona, in wh...

Homer Simpson Stopped for Traffic Violation

The Twittersphere was delighted when the Thames Valley Police (from the UK) tweeted that they had arrested Homer Simpson, er, or someone who...


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