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GrabShare: Getting More than Cheaper Rides

Automologist LING tries out Grab's new service and shares a ride with stranger, but gets more...

Range Rover Plugs the Hole in its Line-up

The craze for SUV’s seems to be gathering momentum with today’s official announcement from Jaguar...

Matt LeBlanc to eat Horse Penis

Automologist MAC did not think much of the Top Gear reboot last year...and still doesn't think ...

Free Petrol for Motorcyclists in KL and Putrajaya

While two-wheel riders might rejoice, Automologist LING thinks it is a bad idea. One moment, th...

Cars are now Rat Food

Who me, sir? Automologist MAC reports on a negative side-effect of cars going green... The pus...

Nissan who? Electric what? Margot Robbie, YEAH.

Nissan has appointed Margot Robbie of Suicide Squad fame to become the ambassador for its electri...

New F1 Regulation Shake-up...and Race Car Reveals

The new Formula 1 season starts in about a month and teaser videos, official and otherwise, of th...


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